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Interested in dancing, getting ready to tie the knot, or just looking to stay in shape, burn calories, and have fun?

We have a great selection of group classes every night Monday through Friday – check out our calendar for this month’s schedule.
Classes and parties are $10 per person for one or $15 per person for two or more classes or parties that evening.
No partner, registration, or experience required!

Monthly memberships are also available!
$80 for one, or $120 for a couple – call for more information!

Not sure where to begin? Contact the studio to schedule your FREE 45-minute introductory lesson with one of our professional instructors! It’s a great way to get to know the ballroom, and begin your journey towards becoming a comfortable, confident dancer.


Want to see what dancing is like? Check out our video lessons or try a beginner group class each evening (M-F) at 7:30.

Have you heard about the health benefits of dancing?

What better way is there to get or stay in shape:

  • burn some calories
  • connect with other fun people
  • stimulate your brain and cardiovascular system
  • improve your mood!

    Come and join us!